14 floors

8 floors rentable office

5 floors for on-site parking

Flexible office space from 450 sq m

Raised floors & suspended ceilings

High space efficiency

Reception area

Meeting rooms

Café/Coffee Shop


Large floor plate – up to 2,000 sq m

Floor plan divisible into four tenancies

6 passenger lifts

1 goods lift

Full specification

Office Building

The building is designed to be a category A fit-out standard.

Planning Module and
Structural Grid

Planning Module: 1.5m Structural Grid: 7.5m x 7.5m

Floor to Ceiling Height:


Raised Floor

Nominal raised floor zone: 150mm

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended demountable ceiling in all office areas with a 700mm deep ceiling zone including a 150mm lighting zone.

Structural slab to structural slab



The superstructure is a combination of in-situ concrete floor slabs and internal columns.

Occupational Densities

An assumed occupational density of 1 person per 10sq m of net internal office area. Occupational densities shall be no more than:

WC provision: Including disabled toilets provision 1:10 per floor.

Lifts: 1 person per 12sq m NIA

Air Conditioning: 1 person per 10 sq m

Fire Escape: Max 187 persons per floor, this equates to 1:10

External Conditions

Summer 35°C db, 80% RH

Internal Conditions

Summer 22°C db ± 2°C

Outside Supply Air Rates

Offices: Fresh air supply rate 10 litres per second per person at occupancy of 1:10sq m.

Cooling is provided to deal with solar and conduction gains and to support:

Occupancy of 1:10sq
Lighting 12W/sq m
Small power 25W/sq m
Toilets: Mechanical extract of 6 air changes per hour.

Heat Gains from Small Power

Small power (heat gain)
25 W/m²
12 W/m²

Thermal Performance

A high performance façade combined with an efficient system of cooling ensures that the design parameters are achieved and that comfort is maintained with efficient use of energy.

Cooling: The chilled water supply is provided by water cooled chillers and towers at roof level; chilled water is distributed from the roof to AHUs throughout the building. The main air-conditioning for the office accommodation at each floor is provided by two variable air volume (VAV) systems, each with a dedicated mixing/recirculating air handling unit (AHU) with supply air temperature control. Supply air is ducted to distribution boxes above the ceiling; return air is routed via the ceiling void plenum.

Fresh air ventilation: Fresh air ventilation is provided via four air handling units (AHUs) located at roof level. Each AHU is connected to a series of vertical ductwork risers and typically comprises of supply and return air fans, complete with attenuators and a rotary heat exchanger for heat recovery and thereby reducing the amount of active cooling required.

Electrical Services

Supplies to landlord's services (toilets, stairwells, circulation space, plant rooms, cleaners' sockets etc) are provided from distribution boards at each level.

Substations/Main LV Switchboards: An incoming 11 kV electrical supply is provided to the building from a Ring Main Unit on the Utility Network.

An HV Switchboard feeds Transformers: Distribution via LV Main Switchboards is by means of cables to tenant's distribution boards (small power, lighting and space provision for Data Systems / UPS distribution board).

Electrical Loads in Office Areas

To accommodate no more than the following loads:
Small power: 25W/sq m
Lighting: 15W/sq m (includes allowance for task lighting to supplement general office illumination levels of 400 lux in open plan areas) An allowance for fan tile units is included in the above electrical load rates.

Standby Generation

4 No. 1000 KVA generator sets provide 100% standby power. Fuel storage for approximately 7 days running time is to be provided.

Illumination Levels in Office Areas

The lighting comprises of recessed, modular fluorescent luminaries, with high frequency ballasts for the general office spaces. All office lighting is occupancy controlled by ceiling mounted movement detectors. The illumination of the offices will be in compliance with the CIBSE Code for Lighting and the system will incorporate daylight linking 400 lux average in open plan areas.

Security Systems

CCTV is provided covering all elevations on ground level, the main entrance and reception areas and the service and loading bays. Access control, intruder alarm detection systems are provided at ground floor entrances. Door frames between core areas and office areas are provided with are wire ways for tenants to install future intruder detection systems. Cable containment is provided as part of access control containment provisions, tenant access control systems need to be compatible with the landlord's system.

Telecommunications Facilities

Dedicated incoming wire ways from the street are provided for telecommunication service providers to serve the office building and the retail units. The wire way serving the office terminates in the Ground Floor TelephoneRoom. Cable trays have been provided within the tenants' IT riser for future use.

IT Facilities

IT riser space provided for future tenants' IT installations

Provision for Tenant Plant

Plant area has been allocated for the following tenant plant items:

– DX units for tenant data server rooms cooling where required, at roof level.

The following further items are provided for the Tenants' use:

– Capped-off connection within a riser at each floor level for future tea points.

– Capped-off drainage connections at low level within risers, should an extension of the services to future tea points be required by tenants.

– Capped-off vent connections at high level within the ceiling void for future tea points if required by tenants.

– IT riser space for future tenants' IT installations.

– Containment provided for tenants' security systems.

Passenger Lifts

5 No. 21 person (1600kg),
1 No. 26 person (2000kg),
are provided to serve the office levels.

Service access

All service rooms are located on the back of house areas, in the south-west corner of the building. A corridor connects the outside service area to the kitchen. A loading bay is located in proximity to the service corridor for vehicular access.


The building aims to achieve LEED Certified rating. Environmental considerations include rainwater harvesting, passive solar protection, optimum daylight penetration, enhanced indoor air quality, office recycling facilities and an efficient comfort cooling system.

Car Parking

Office Parking: 350
Surface Parking: 20

Shower Facilities

Showers and lockers are available in the car park levels.

Drivers' room provided in the car park levels.