As the first commercial building in Lagos to achieve LEED certification in both design and construction, Heritage Place applies cutting edge technology to fulfil not just today's environmental expectations, but tomorrow's too.

Key features include

– Water is recycled throughout: from rain water harvesting to water re-use in the irrigation of the gardens, condensate recovery from the building’s cooling units and accurate control systems in the bathroom facilities to reduce wastage

– Automatic presence detectors and high-efficiency lighting reduce and resupply energy when and where it is needed

– The building’s orientation maximises natural light and ventilation, and minimises solar exposure, reducing the energy requirements for cooling, heating and air quality systems

– High efficiency glazing and external thermal envelope also reduce demand on cooling requirements

Green features

Green features

– First environmentally certified commercial building in Nigeria

– LEED certified for both design and construction

– Between 30-40% reduction in energy use (compared to common practice building in Lagos)

– Use of natural light and natural ventilation (mixed mode) to minimise energy demand

– Sun pattern driven building orientation to minimise solar exposure and energy requirements for cooling

– Automatic presence detectors/sensors and high efficiency lighting

– High level of indoor air quality and occupant's thermal and visual comfort increased by ventilation rates, quality of materials and views out

– Heat recovery through the centralised fresh air supply system (cooling)

– Potable water demand minimised though rain water harvesting and condensate recovery from cooling units

– Use of water harvested for toilet flushing and irrigation

– Motion sensor-controlled hand-wash basins and urinals contributing to reducing potable water demand

– Storm water attenuation to accommodate a one in a twenty year storm

– Attenuation tank proposed to limit discharge/flow rates of foul and storm water to the local sewers in Lugard Road

– A number of sustainable approaches are being taken in the structural design

– Pulverised fuel ash* (PFA or fly ash) may be used as a cement replacement for part of the cement content

* Pfa is recycled from power plants and has low embodied energy as well as being environmentally friendly.